About Us

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Emese bevkép  

At the starting of the Geosynthetic Engineering Services Ltd. we were highly motivated by many years professional and sales experiences gained on the field of geosynthetics. Our aim is to prefer the professional usage of the geosynthetics used in Hungary in the circle of all the industrial and the public users ensuring a complex engineering background service.

We would like to utilize our knowledge acquired on the foreign countries and the Hungarian investments (such as highway-, railway building, flood-prevention, landfill etc.) among our partners. At the same time our company places great emphasis on the professional training to transfer all the acquired experience included foreign and Hungarian technical regulations, case studies, lab examinations and application.

During the actual marketing process we are fully intent on being fast and flexible. Furthermore, our company tends to fulfill the unique requirements of our customers. Geosynthetics sold by our company are provided by great experienced Hungarian and foreign manufacturers, who also lay big emphasis on the persistent developments, hereby being on the top of the geosynthetics market.


Emese Gönczi
managing director